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As the premier executive search and leadership advisory firm, developing impactful leadership teams for organizations that improve quality of life, WittKieffer has a front row seat to the top leaders in the healthcare, education, and life science markets. Every day, we’re working with leaders who want to create a better tomorrow—to make an impact for their organizations, communities, and the wider world. This is WittKieffer’s Impactful Leaders Podcast – this is not your typical leadership podcast. It’s a personal and introspective chat with today’s most impactful healthcare industry leaders. We’ll cover personal topics from health and wellness to work world matters, delivering actionable advice and insightful takeaways. And we’re sure you’ll be inspired to find—or strengthen—your purpose.

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7 days ago

Every healthcare leader faces intractable problems. The key to solving them, notes Dr. Steve Gordon, CEO of St. Charles Health System of Bend, Oregon, is creating a simple map to chart a course forward. Providing direction gives an organization a vision and optimism for what's ahead. Dr. Gordon used this philosophy to orchestrate a remarkable turnaround at St. Charles and believes it is the key to progress in challenging leadership situations. "When you're lost, any map will do," he says.  
In this Healthcare Impactful Leaders episode, WittKieffer Senior Partner Elaina Spitaels-Genser talks with Dr. Gordon about the seemingly impossible challenges he faced coming into an organization that was losing not just money but scores of employees, and how he mapped out a step-by-step reversal of fortunes. 

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

In this episode of Impactful Leaders, Wendy Perkins talks with WittKieffer's Susan Snyder about the journey she embarked on with her leadership team to achieve a culture of "Thriving Together."
Wendy, CEO of WPS Health Solutions, saw a strong organization when she joined the organization, but needed to evolve it's leadership team from siloed "micro-cultures" to a unified, transparent team with transparent, collective norms. Their mantra, "Thriving Together," has allowed leaders to seek help from others, and for others to readily offer help. "It's a roller coaster ride that we're on together," she says.
In the process of orchestrating culture change at WPS, Perkins has learned about her own leadership priorities and abilities. She's learned to be vulnerable, transparent, authentic, and compassionate. She's willing to grow every day. "Leadership is a choice you make," she has discovered, "not a place you sit."

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Few executives have the breadth of experience that Dalph Watson has. A Navy hospital corpsman early in her career, Watson has held HR-related leadership roles in government (City of Detroit), the private-sector (Walmart), the insurance field (Blue Cross Blue Shield), and in the non-profit healthcare realm, including with her current employer, Cleveland-based MetroHealth System, as Chief People Officer. In this conversation with Keshia Harris, Consultant in WittKieffer's Healthcare Market, Watson looks at the formative experiences in her own past that have shaped her leadership philosophy and allowed her to be highly effective at maintaining an engaged, vibrant workforce in what are challenging times for healthcare. She implores healthcare organizations to be creative in their hiring and employee-development practices (especially seeing military veterans as a valued resource), and to view "disruptors as partners" in developing workers and leaders and improving the industry. While Watson has seen and done a little bit of everything, she keeps her focus simple – to help healthcare workers and their families: "Take care of your people, and your people will take care of you."

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

Physicians are usually natural-born leaders, but their leadership skills may need revising and refining as they transition into administrative roles. IQ becomes less important whereas EQ and the utilization of listening and people skills become imperative. In this podcast, WittKieffer Consultant Vinny Gossain interviews UAB Medicine Chief Medical Officer Kierstin Kennedy, M.D., on her personal journey into administration and how she discovered that emotional intelligence is more essential to leadership success than one's medical knowledge and general intelligence. "Leadership is about understanding your team, who has what skill sets, who's passionate about what, and aligning passion and skill set so they can do incredible work," she says. As leaders ascend to new heights, they may never get the "power" they want, but they can certainly get the satisfaction they crave, she says.

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Workforce issues are most healthcare leaders' number one challenge today. In the current environment, says Bob Batory, Senior Vice President for Human Resources at WellSpan Health, employees are in the driver's seat and can dictate their employment conditions (and salary), creating a "math problem" that healthcare leaders must solve. One clear solution will be artificial intelligence, Batory says, which will replace some of the functional roles that are commonplace in today's hospitals and health systems. In this conversation with WittKieffer Managing Partner Paul Bohne, Batory shares other solutions that healthcare providers must implement if they are to recruit and retain top talent and solve the math problem in the future. He also looks at what "uncomfortable" changes healthcare HR leaders will need to make to thrive in the years ahead. One final piece of advice from Batory: "Be the rabbit!"

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

In a way, healthcare is experiencing post-traumatic stress from the COVID pandemic, believes Monique Butler, M.D., senior vice president and chief medical officer of HCA Healthcare North Florida Division. The industry must now pay more attention to building back the strength and resilience of nurses, physicians and other essential workers, as well as of leaders themselves. In this conversation with WittKieffer's Linda Komnick, managing partner and leader of our Physician Integration & Leadership practice, Dr. Butler describes efforts she and HCA have taken to instill resilience throughout the workforce. Her advice to leaders and working professionals in general, "Take care of yourself first." The conversation also explores Dr. Butler's transition from full-time practitioner to full-time executive and the rewards that has brought to her career.

Friday Jul 14, 2023

Being an interim CEO requires an executive who relishes new challenges, learns on the fly, and makes a significant impact in a finite period of time. In this podcast – part of WittKieffer's Impactul Leaders Podcast series – Lydia Ostermeier-Haynes, principal in WittKieffer's Interim Leadership practice, speaks with long-time healthcare CEO Kerry Watson on the secrets of success in an interim role. Watson has more than 30 years of healthcare leadership experience, including several high-profile CEO tenures.

Friday May 05, 2023

Inspiration doesn’t always come from the a-ha moments in life. It can be found in the small experiences in each day—in healthcare, the smile from a patient, the high five from a colleague, the awe-inspiring expertise of a physician or nurse. Wherever inspiration surfaces, it can alleviate stress and foster well-being.
In this podcast – the first in WittKieffer’s Impactul Leaders Podcast series – senior partner Dan Young converses with Scott Kashman, MHA, FACHE about finding inspiration at work and the factors that promote executive and staff well-being. Kashman is the market president and CEO of St. Dominic Health Services and St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, and co-author of the book Mindful Healthcare: Healthy Team, Healthy Business. A key to encouraging well-being, Kashman maintains, is to give individuals more control over their circumstances so they feel inspired to improve them. 

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